4 Reasons Why You Should Use SolarMovie-TV instead of Netflix

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Watching movies are one of the best hobbies of many people. There is even a term to call those who are addicted to movies, which is “cinephile”. We know it’s a daily routine to watch a few episodes, some of us watch it during meals. So, do you have a favored movie site to watch movies free?

  1. Movies resource

Or as we call it our “movie warehouse”. Movies resource is always updated constantly with several, diverse genres. It must be mentioned that most of the movies and series on SolarMovie have high quality. Our users can also adjust the quality to fit your personal internet bandwidth. Members can register to be informed via emails when there’s new updated movies, episodes and let us know your desired movies to watch so we would look it up and make it there for you, it does not cost you a single penny to inform us.

Besides, we also have a specific section for TV shows which you would love to binge-watch in all genres such as music, cuisine, fashion, and education. Read more

Ukulele Strumming Patterns You Should Know

ukeleleThe term Ukulele may seem Greek to some, but it is actually Hawaiian, referring to the family of stringed instruments (usually using nylon) that are played using the fingers, nails or a felt tip. You would have already got the picture of a guitar in your mind. Strumming is the act of playing such instrument with a sweeping action where the finger tips are brushed past several strings to play a chord. Strumming pattern is similar to a preset, which is employed in a rhythmic guitar. Commonly used during the rock music era, various Ukulele strumming patterns are used distinctly in Pop, Jazz and Funk too.

Having gone through enough of theory, let us now take a peek at some of the best ukulele strumming patterns. This is especially for those guitar enthusiasts who long to try something different with the string. I am going to deal with the patterns that can be easily used by both beginners and intermediate players alike.  There are two distinct ways in which the Ukulele strumming patterns are written. The conventional method is based on the music theory and the other called alternative notation is based on the “up and down”(U for up and D for down) which is simple but less accurate. Read more

Home Studio Computer For You

studio computer

Everybody will be familiar with the word recording studio – a place where the sound recording is done. So with the developing technology in this field now you will get devices to record sound even at your home or a private space. This type of establishment is called home studio and the computer specially designed for this is called home studio computer.

Typically a home studio computer consists of a recording device, input devices, monitoring equipment and of course the musical instruments as required. From the early analog studios, technology has enabled us to digital recorders and subsequently the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).

Now let us take a look at each essential element required in building a home studio computer. Read more