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Everybody will be familiar with the word recording studio – a place where the sound recording is done. So with the developing technology in this field now you will get devices to record sound even at your home or a private space. This type of establishment is called home studio and the computer specially designed for this is called home studio computer.

Typically a home studio computer consists of a recording device, input devices, monitoring equipment and of course the musical instruments as required. From the early analog studios, technology has enabled us to digital recorders and subsequently the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).

Now let us take a look at each essential element required in building a home studio computer.

Recording Device

We use a home computer as a recording device and the data is stored digitally. The computers that are available in the market now are fast and configured enough for sound recording. So if you already have one, you can start using that for now. There are arguments about the fact that Apple products are better than PCs for this purpose and the reason they say is that Apple’s components are produced only by Apple (avoiding most of the compatibility issues) not by different manufacturers which is the case of PCs. It is your decision here which one serves your purpose and does not put a hole in your pocket.

The crucial part of the home studio computer is the personal computers that act as the interface to record the digital audio as well as store them in its hard drive. If the size of the recorded audio is growing you may want to invest in an external hard drive.  To cater to the needs of the high quality sounds that is inputted and outputted, the computer should have a reliable and quality sound card preferably an external one.  Most soundcards that are available in the market today offer both analog to digital as well as digital to analog conversion. Else, you may have to consider purchasing a separate analog to digital converter (for input) or a digital to analog converter (for output).  These gadgets are usually connected to the computer via Hi-speed USB ports or the IEEE 1394 standard firewire port.

But I would say the golden rule is to upgrade your RAM (new or old computer) as much as possible since all the recording and processing is done there.

Input Device

The basic input device is the microphone, though we have other devices too that can be plugged in to the Audio-In port. Buy the best microphone available which can be used to record different kinds of sounds (vocals, instrumental sounds). With this you will need an Audio interface (hardware part) and the Digital Audio workstations (the software part for recording, mixing and editing the sound). It is better to buy this as bundle so that later on there will not be any compatibility issues.

Monitoring Equipment

The simplest monitoring equipment is  the headphones or a pair of speakers that helps you to check the output. The best choice will be closed back headsets to track your recording. Buy studio monitoring speakers to assess the sound mixing accurately.

Musical Instrument

Here there exists a choice for the individual. He or she can rely on easily available like vocals, drum sets, pianos, keyboards, drum machines, synthesizers, bass guitars, electric guitars or even acoustic guitars.

Along with the best configuration home studio computer you need some small accessories like mic stands and cables. So list out the necessities and go for shopping!

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