why kubernetes for machine learning

Why would you use Kubernetes? The open source platform for managing containerized workloads and services is growing fast. There are a lot of tools and services available. What is so great about Kubernetes? It’s because the ability to do everything in code using a consistent set of tools and formats is part of what makes … Read more

Why NLP is the future

Why NLP is important and it’ll be the future our future? The way we interact with computers will continue to change in the future. The underlying force for transformation from data-driven to intelligence-driven endeavors, as they shape and improve communication technology in the years to come, will be these artificial intelligence technologies. Why NLP is … Read more

Which algorithm is used in machine learning

Why machine learning algorithm is used? Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so. Which among the following algorithms are used in machine learning? Linear regression, Logistic regression, Naive Bayes, kNN, Random forest are some of the … Read more

why k-means is better

Why K means clustering is better than hierarchical? The structure of the clusters can be found to be hyper spherical, like a circle in 2D and a sphere in 3D. When the shape of the clusters is spherical, Hierarchical clustering doesn’t work as well. Why is K means ++ better than k-means? The k-means algorithm … Read more

multiscale modeling meets machine learning what can we learn

Why is multiscale modeling important? Computational materials engineering uses multiscale modeling to predict material properties or system behavior based on knowledge of the process-structure-property. There are relationships. What is multiscale modeling and simulation? Multiscale Modeling and Simulation focuses on the fundamental modeling and computational principles underlying various multiscale methods. What is the use of machine … Read more

why is machine learning

Why is machine learning necessary? Machine learning gives enterprises a view of trends in customer behavior and business operations, as well as supports the development of new products. Why machine learning is the future? By enabling business leaders to make more informed decisions, researchers to look at problems in new ways, and offering insights around … Read more

why gpu for machine learning

Why is GPU good for machine learning? Multiple, simultaneous computations can be performed with the help of the GPUs. Do I need graphics card for machine learning? For simple deep learning computations like working with the MNIST dataset, it does not make a big difference. It should work for beginner-level deep learning projects. Why are … Read more

why deploy machine learning model

Why is deployment necessary in machine learning? In order to get the most value out of machine learning models, it is important to quickly deploy them into production so that a business can use them to make practical decisions. Why do we need machine learning models? Machine learning gives enterprises a view of trends in … Read more

Which is better deep learning or NLP

Why is deep learning better for NLP? One of the most important advantages of deep learning is the ability to learn multiple levels of representation. The lower level of representation can often be shared. Which is better NLP or ML? Machine learning and natural language processing enable machines to comprehend and interpret written text. Is … Read more

why are gpus used for machine learning

Why are GPUs used for machine learning instead of CPU? If you have large-scale problems, you should use the GPUs for machine learning. Is GPU better than CPU for machine learning? The cost-effective option for running deep learning solutions is to use the CPUs. It can be difficult to find models that are both accurate … Read more