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We are currently in the process of relaunching the "" blog. We will open the website as soon as we reach at least 50 quality articles.


You want to publish a sponsored article in the theme Web-Marketing, business, e-commerce on our blog? Contact us by filling out the form. Offer proposed at 25€ at launch instead of 75€.


Strong points of our blog:

  • - Domain Authority: 28+.
  • - Referred Domains : 248
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Why is this service paid?

We assume that our blog must provide quality content as well as a growing popularity/notoriety. Therefore, our team takes care of the natural referencing (SEO) so that your sponsored articles are constantly propelled and therefore visible on Google.


Conditions of publication:

  • - Write an article of at least 800 words correctly.
  • - Start with an introduction of a few words.
  • - Integrate at least 2 H2 sub-headings.
  • - No duplicate content.
  • - Integrate at least one royalty-free image.
  • - Respect one of the following themes: Web-Marketing, business, e-commerce.

Contact us :

We propose a publication on our blog for 25€ instead of 75€ for the launch. We also propose to write your article for a total of 45€.

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